Prema is co founder and lead teacher of YogaBhav Studio, and Teacher Training School, a Yoga Alliance Approved program and school. I am also a qualified Yoga Alliance Certified teacher. Throughout my 20 plus years as a teacher I have logged over 5,000 hours as a hatha yoga alignment-based yoga teacher.

My first teacher was my beloved mother, when I was 5 years old she made me a little meditation instruction book, sat me down with my little sister and brother to teach us to meditate.

Even though there were lots of giggles, I still remember that little girl in awe about the mystery of the “Divine Self” that was supposedly inside of me.

The seeker that was awakened in me, eventually led me to India at 16 yrs old to my spiritual teachers’ ashram in Ganeshpuri, India. Here I had the heart opening experience of my Divine “Inner Self”. My experience & view of life forever transformed, and the “beginner’s mind” of the little girl inside me has never left, and is still in awe of the mystery of the “Divine” in all things. Inspiring me to reconnect everyday through my practices of yoga and meditation to the sweet stillness and peace, that I experience as my divine inner self.

There in India, 35 years ago I also experienced my first Hatha Yoga lesson. I fell deeply in love with the physical and meditative union of yoga, and thus began my life’s journey of studying and practicing yoga, meditation and wellness.

Through a consistent practice of Hatha yoga and meditation I was relieved of my chronic pain from a fractured neck, advanced scoliosis, and eating disorder.

Gaining freedom from my pain inspired me to teach others how to create more freedom and less pain in their bodies.I lived & studied in India for many years, practiced countless hours of yoga and meditation under the guidance of my meditation master and senior hatha yoga teachers.

Afterwards, I moved to New York and dived into the wellness world. Became educated, certified and licensed in a number of holistic health care modalities. I studied in depth anatomy, physiology, studied with Ohashi, a Shiatsu master in New York, learning the Chinese meridian system to understand the energetic aspects of the body. I am certified in cranial sacral therapy and anti-inflammatory lymphatic drainage.

Co-created therapies at one of New York’s top holistic wellness centers, Sphatika International, and where many of my clients were celebrities.

My yoga teacher training & many immersions with Anusara teachers Christina Sells, Darren Rhodes, and John Friend.

The real “yoga in action” began with motherhood, blessed with my five children (two twin births and a singleton).

All of my children have flown the nest, living around the world, and I now reside with my dear husband in the peaceful countryside of Nora, Sweden. Teaching yoga, meditation, and antiinflammatory food classes online & from our local studio and healthy California Cafe.

Love, Prema