Covid Precautions

The safety of all students and teachers is paramount. Therefore, we have many stringent guidelines in place; all subject to change if/when necessary. Please carefully read the below parameters for In-Studio as well as Outdoor classes – each with a separate set of instructions.

In-Studio Group Class Guidelines

  • If you are sick or have covid-like symptoms, your attendance in class is prohibited.
  • Please maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times as you arrive and exit.
  • All students must wear a mask at all times while inside the studio and on your mat.
  • Please limit personal belongings that you bring into the studio (only essential items.)
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes.
  • All students must prepay online.
  • Please note there are no refunds. 24 hour email notice is required for a future class credit only.
  • All students must bring their own mat and props. Props you may like to have include: a yoga block, blanket, and strap (not required.) We do not have any loaner mats or props available for use.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. 
  • Please plan ahead to not use our restroom, however it is available if necessary.

What we’re doing In-Studio

  • Disinfecting of all high touch surfaces in between every class.
  • Daily deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces.
  • Contactless payments and check-ins
  • Entrance doors propped open for arrival and departure, so students do not need to touch anything.
  • Limiting class sizes to be able to maintain at least 6-foot social distancing. Mat spaces have been measured out ahead of time and marked by tape to ensure this.
  • All classes limited to 60 minutes in length for now.
  • Limiting the number of classes we hold to only 2 per day. This allows for proper time to air out and clean while maintaining a very low number of people moving through our studios.


Online Classes are here to stay!

We realize there will be many of us who feel most comfortable continuing with the virtual class experience. We are committed to maintaining virtual classes, both livestream and continually fresh on demand content.