Here are the links to all the Recorded 30 Day Gratitude Yoga Challenge classes.


How to join the recorded classes

The recorded classes will be available the day following the  the Live classes.

Click on the Videos below and you will be taken to the recordings


Day 1

Open to gratitude

Day 2

Plant seed of gratitude

Day 3

Invite flow of grace

Day 4

Magic of gratitude

Day 5

Allow gratitude to grow

Day 6


Day 7

Power of Gratitude

Day 8

Water with love

Day 9

Protect gratitude

Day 10

Attitude of gratitude

Day 11


Day 12

Opening to gratitude

Day 13

Blossoming gratitude

Day 14

Gratitude as possibility

Day 15

Just bee

Day 16

Letting go

Day 17

Shine through the storm

Day 18

Gratitude & Self effort

Day 19

Dont be afraid to shine

Day 20

Who are you

Day 21


Day 22

Give gratitude

Day 23

Quiet joy

Day 24

The little things

Day 25

Unlock blessings

Day 26

Create gratitude

Day 27

Transformational power

Day 28

Cloudy days

Day 29

Gratitude as art

Day 30

Your gratitude story